Thursday, December 10, 2009

Desktop Icons

Last week, I was out with my friend shopping for a laptop. He quipped "why are all windows desktop icons are the same?" Well, if u are like my friend who thinks windows desktop icons are boring, then this post is for you.

U can download those substitutes icons from hundreds of sites. Just google "free desktop icons" and download the icon packs that interests u. Be sure to check the site and to be sure that you do not download a virus.

After that, right click on the icon you want it to be change (eg. Computer), select "Properties". Next, click on the "Change Icon..." button and click "Browse..." to look for the icon you want. Click "OK", "Apply" and "OK" and you are done! :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Browsing Browsers

According to a web metrics firm Net Applications, the most popular web browsers in the month of October is Internet Explorer (65%), Firefox (24%) and then followed by Google’s Chrome (3.57%).

Internet Explorer
It is no surprise that Internet explorer is the dominant web browser at the moment.
It is installed in every Microsoft Windows Operation system and it has been available for a long time. People are familiar with it. This is Internet Explorer's major advantage. People may be used to surfing the web with Internet Explorer and do not want the hassle of downloading another new browser. Like my friend Elliot said "Why trouble yourself downloading another web browser u already have IE to surf the web?" Furthermore, Internet Explorer is the default browsers for most computers.
Although the Internet explorer is highly popular worldwide, we can see that it is slowly losing market share to its competitors like FireFox, and Chrome.

Firefox is another popular web browsers. Although it lacks behind Internet Explorer by a large percentage, it still has a large market share in the Internet arena. And I believe that it is slowly gaining popularity.
With Firefox, u can install many add-ons, and these add-on are really useful to many Internet users. There are many more useful add-ons in Firefox than in Internet Explorer and different add-ons cater to different groups of people. With these add-ons, there will be lock-in and Firefox users' switching costs will increased. It will be hard for users to switch to other web browsers without missing their favourite add-ons. In the long run, Firefox will have a base of loyal users.

Chrome is a relatively new web browser released in 2008. It has been performing well as it has just surpassed safari to become the third most popular browser. Many users told me that they like Google Chrome because it is fast and is easier to use. Will it overtake Firefox or Internet Explorer? It is still too early to tell.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Snow Leopard is out and hunting!

Well well,
The latest Mac OS X Snow Leopard is out!
Some cool additions include

The Chinese Input
Where u just draw the character on the trackpad, instead of typing the hanyu pinyin. Actually there are some pros and cons about this. This chinese input helps me at times when I know the character but I forgot the hanyu pinyin. However, there are also times that I know the hanyu pinyin but u forgot how to write the character. Nevertheless, this Chinese Input feature helps to save time as writing out chinese characters are faster than typing the hanyu pinyin and choosing the write character.

Automatic Timezone Set up
This feature is great for frequent travellers. U do not need to worry about the time zones as they will be automatically set for u once u reach the country. Cool huh!

Easy PDF Selection
This is a great feature for people who read pdf files often. Often when I select a paragrah, I am forced to select a few columns at the same time and it causes me a lot of trouble. I have then to select a few sentences at a go. My my. Well! With this new features, this headache is gone. Yay!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Safari 4.0 is out!

Safari 4.0 was out last week!
Have u downloaded it?
It makes browsing the web easier with new additions Top Sites.

Companies have been coming out with web browsers that caters to the needs of different users and enable us to surf the web more efficiently.

Consumers are the ones who benefit the most in the long run. =)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Top 3 Web Browsers comparison

There are so many web browers today, but the top three winners are Internet Explorer(IE), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome. Let me tell u what I like about the three browsers.

What I like about Google Chrome
-Ease of navigating the web - suggest popular sites.. do not need to type the full site name

-New tab would show ur most visited places - ease of convenience. Also u can drag the tab out of the window.. which can come in useful at times

-Application - Shortcuts like Google Calendar

-Download a file - progress at the bottom of a google chrome window - not open another window for downloading like firefox or Internet explorer. Helps to safe window space.

What I like about Internet Explorer
-Compatible with many websites. Some websites can't function or be viewed properly without Internet Explorer

-Internet Explorer 8 offers Coloured Tabs, which adds more colours into your normal web browsing

-Many Add-ons for you to choose from..From search engines to music to emails.

What I like about Mozilla Firefox
-So Many many many useful add-ons that make ur web surfing more enjoyable.
Some add-ons I like include Personas, which I can change the look of my browsers easily. Adblock Plus, which block or unwanted ads and banners, and also Cooliris, which I can browse photos and videos in a very cool way!
U can also create your own add-ons

I think what makes Firefox great is the so many add-ons it offers that there will be at least one that will suit your needs and make your web surfing enjoyable. =)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Deleting files permanently


Sometimes, u might want to delete your files when you do not want them anymore. However, just by pressing the delete button does not actually ensure that the file is actually deleted from your hardisk. It can be easily recovered by someone else, and this can be dangerous, if your file contains important details.

Many people ensure secure deletion by using one of these programs:

AbsoluteShield File Shredder

I hope this post is useful to you =)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stop a Virus

Viruses are very irritating and they are common in the Internet in today's world.
They can interfere with your daily usage of your computer or destory your hardisk.

We can protect ourselves against viruses using antivirus program like Norton or McAfee. Before u buy one of the paid antivirus programs, u can try out some free ones available on the Internet.

Why do Companies produce free antivirus?
It's because they can't compete with those established big compaies like Norton and McAfee in selling their antivirus programs. Thus, in order to attract more people to use their antivirus program, they give away their antivirus programs for free for home use. When more people use their antivirus, there will be more people who are likely to purchase the premium version or purchase one for commerical use.

Here are some of the free antivirus online:

Avira AntiVir
It's created by a German company.
Ranked 7th in PC World's Top AntiVirus software chart
I'm using this antivirus. I think that the only cons is that there is always a pop up telling u to buy the premium version after u download the antivirus updates, otherwise, it's quite good.

AVG Free
One of the most popular free AntiVirus around. It's developed by AVG Technologies, a privately held Czech company formerly known as Grisoft
However it is ranked the last place in in PC World's Top AntiVirus software chart

It's created by a Czech-based company from Prague.
Another alternative if u do not like the first two.